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I'm a graphic designer with over 20 years experience. I began my career in London working for a number of different agencies on a wide variety of projects from start-up companies to global brands.

Creative thinking

I'm a great believer in 'the big idea', I think the most effective solutions are delivered when time is invested at the very beginning of a project. I'm often used by my clients to help kick start a brief, to look at it from new angles and come up with concepts that can be put forward to the client before implementation. 

Great Design

The implementation of an idea is key to the success of a project, the look and feel of any collateral produced should be true to a company's brand and be appealing to its audience. With ever-changing technology and choices in the way we communicate, a concept and design style will ensure a solid and consistent message is communicated.

How I work

I use InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. I design logos, corporate identities, mailers, brochures and publications. I'm happy to take a job through from beginning to end and commission any additional skills that may be required such as illustrators, photographers and web developers.

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